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  The Truth  
  The TruthIt is an unfortunate reality that in the twenty-first century there is a breach in the delivery of quality public safety services. A reduction
in police department budgets has created an environment where a prompt and timely response can no longer be guaranteed. The fallout has shown a decline in complete and thorough criminal investigations, resulting in less than a favorable outcome within our judicial system. No one is immune from this crisis. There are simply not enough law enforcement officers to address all your needs or concerns.

• The average response time by police to an emergency call is over fifteen minutes.
• Investigations into violent crimes are now taking months to complete.
• Most crimes go unsolved and unpunished.
• As the economy worsens violent crime becomes more prevalent.
• Home invasion robberies are on the rise.
• Increased incidents of workplace violence.
• The real threat of a terrorist attack at major venues.
  The Answer  
  The AnswerCritical Solutions Protective Services Group recognizes the challenges you are confronted with. Our company is owned and operated by three active duty law enforcement officers. We realize that only through outstanding service will you get outstanding results. Our company was founded on the premise that only the highest caliber law enforcement personnel will be hired. Our active and retired officers are chosen from specialized entities within local, state and federal law enforcement organizations.

We retain the top subject matter experts within the modern law enforcement community. This includes, but is not limited to, tactical officers, surveillance operations, consulting, large venue and retail security. With a background in elite force protection, Critical Solutions offers counter-terrorism measures, including the use of armed off duty law enforcement personnel as our trained Security Agents. We specialize in executive and celebrity protection, focusing on each client’s privacy and confidentiality.

Critical Solutions recognizes that everyone needs to be able to protect and defend their own family and loved ones. That is why we also offer personalized firearms and tactical training upon request.

Critical Solutions is based in California and operates throughout the United States. Additionally, we retain active and retired law enforcement personnel in the United Kingdom and Europe.

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